Beauté Sélection Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021

BS Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021





After four editions published during the last Beauté Sélection Lyon salons, the 2020 trend book will explore fictions, futuristic but credible hypotheses of the hair and beauty sector.

For the sector must reinvent itself under the pressure of societal, technological, environmental and regulatory changes.

These visions are not predictions but invitations to react to the ideas, deliberately provocative, expressed here.


The experts have the floor:

"I think that one day it will be possible (technically) but unlikely, at least not for tomorrow...
Let's not forget the psychological role that hairdressers have, even if tomorrow we technically manage to find a machine that cuts hair, applies colour, or makes locks without damaging the client, it will never be able to maintain the social bond that binds us to our clients. We already have a concept where the client does the hairdressing herself (Self'Coiff). A cut, a colour, highlights, are things that a good hairdresser generally learns over 4 years (CAP+ BP) and perfects throughout her professional life, so even with a good tutorial, it seems compromised.  Our profession still has a future!"

Chris Comtesse, Marketing Director at Serge Comtesse

"The relationship with beauty changed during the confinement, there was both a huge return to naturalness - a pause, a beautiful parenthesis granted to the skin, the hair - and a great societal awareness. Beauty through these actors has become indispensable to us: hairdressers, beauty centres, beauty practices have real expertise and their clients have missed them enormously.
Those who have done well are those who have given advice, accompanied their clients on intermediate care, product advice and uses. This professionalism is irreplaceable and digital can accompany it but will never replace human wealth".

Saadia Chibani, Brand Communication and Marketing Manager at Cindarella