Beauté Sélection Lyon - 22 & 23 Nov. 2020 | Beauté Sélection Nantes - 14 & 15 Feb. 2021

Lyon 22/23 November 2020

An area dedicated to the Barber


An area dedicated to the Barber

An area dedicated to the Barber

New at the in 2019 exhibition, the Men's area was much appreciated and visited.

Animated by the numerous workshows and demonstrations of the exhibitors, the professionals found there a varied product offer and made a lot of novelties in this booming sector.

The first barbershop competition on an international scale organised by the Men Stories brand and presented by Stéphane Amaru within the Beauté Sélection salon, the BARBER INTERNATIONAL TROPHY saw a series of tests for experienced barbers (more than 3 years in the trade) and tests for up-and-coming barbers (less than 3 years in the trade). The 60 candidates were judged by a highly qualified jury (Anthony Galifot, Sandrine Favary, Olivier Abat, Cyrille Goluccio and Marc Thibault).

For the 2020 edition, the Beauté Sélection show accentuates this Barber dimension with even more events and dedicated stands.