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BS Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021 / BS Nantes

#Designfiction 3 Trendsbook 2021


#Designfiction 3 Trendsbook 2021

#Designfiction 3 Trendsbook 2021


FidelCoiff, a service that certifies the loyalty of your hairdressers.
How does it work?

Volunteer employees implant an intelligent chip under the skin that tracks their movements and cross-references them with customer contact information. This data is centralized in a highly secure and confidential database.
The hairdresser-manager does not have access to this data but receives a monthly report certifying the absence of suspicious activity by his employees. In return, the hairdresser can use the salon's time and tools to carry out personal projects. Do you subscribe to this new service?

A futuristic fiction of course, but a future that is quite possible.

Undeclared work is a real taboo of the profession and very complex to understand. A phenomenon that has been further aggravated by the crisis. Hairdressing at home has developed strongly, particularly through the platforms of putting individuals in contact with freelancers.
So can an intelligent chip limit these practices?

Technically it is possible, hundreds of Swedes have had a Biohax* integrated circuit implanted under their skin, replacing keys, credit cards or identity papers. The possibility of carrying out a personal project on the time and place of work is an old practice, this "wig work" was tolerated in manufacturing plants to balance repetitive activity.
More recently the entrepreneurial culture allows its employees to carry out "side-projects" developing a personal, creative idea. Google employees can devote 20% of their time to this.