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BS Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021 / BS Nantes

#Designfiction 4 Trendsbook 2021


#Designfiction 4 Trendsbook 2021

#Designfiction 4 Trendsbook 2021


A media and world celebrity darling, the decorator star K. is shaking up the standards of the hair salon and aesthetics. The lab where the hairdressers dressed in pretty aprons, preparing shampoo, dyes or creams is placed in the window. Well exposed to the eyes of passers-by. You can guess in the background the customers who are having their hair done, we are in a salon!
"These professionals are increasingly doing the preparations themselves, which they market under their own brand name. Why hide this know-how in the back room? It's so beautiful to see! "exclaims K. This visionary decorator seduces many professionals; what about you?

A futuristic fiction, of course, but a future that is entirely possible.

It's already a reality in the restaurant business where open kitchens are the norm. This layout is a guarantee of transparency about what we're going to eat, and at the same time helps to liven up the place, a show that enhances the value of the chefs.
The manufacturing process is part of the point-of-sale experience, such as at Starbucks Reserve* where coffee is roasted on site. The transposition to the world of beauty should be obvious. There are countless trained hair and beauty professionals who develop and manufacture their own formulations, from simple shampoos to skin care products. A plus that allows them to differentiate themselves, but also to be able to explain to their clients what they apply to them.

The success of the Aromazone* workshops has helped demystify cosmetics for the general public.
More informed, or even trained themselves, customers are entitled to demand complete transparency.
on the products you use in the salon!