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BS Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021 / BS Nantes

#DesignFiction 5 trendsbook 2021


#DesignFiction 5 trendsbook 2021

#DesignFiction 5 trendsbook 2021

In the race to be the greenest hairstylist, declarations of intent such as "your hairstylist is committed to being more responsible" are no longer relevant. You need to be able to show results that customers can compare and appreciate.

With this in mind, a new tool for calculating the carbon impact of hairdressing and esthetics services has been developed by a young start-up company. With the help of a questionnaire, the professional details a set of data for each service. Energy source, origin of the care products, type of equipment, average duration, etc. the list is long but then allows a precise calculation of a carbon impact index for each service.

The professional can then proudly display this index in the salon, next to the prices. Are you ready to fill in the questionnaire?

A futuristic and hypothetical fiction of course, but a future that is quite possible...