Beauté Sélection Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021

BS Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021

Recommended safety measures


Recommended safety measures

Recommended safety measures

The ambition and the will of the Beauté Sélection Lyon trade show is to continue to encourage meetings, business opportunities and creative inspiration.

In order to offer you a smooth and serene visit, Beauté Sélection Lyon is committed to implementing measures and resources throughout the event.


For visitors :

  • Visitors will only have a dematerialised badge that will be scanned onto their mobile phone.
  • Flows will be controlled on entry and exit so that the overall population can be quantified at any time.
  • Signage reminding visitors of the barrier gestures will be put in place at strategic points of the exhibition, and hydroalcoholic gel will be available at the reception desk and in all the entertainment areas.
  • Wearing a mask will be compulsory for everyone at the exhibition.
  • Frequency of sustained disinfection of toilets and common areas.
  • Respect of 1 metre of social distance measurement.

For exhibitors:

  • Reminder of preventive measures before the exhibition, awareness raising among reception staff.
  • Encouraging pre-built stand structures and easy-to-clean furnishings
  • Prohibit the collective use of tools
  • Designate a Covid-19 referent on your stand, usually the stand manager.
  • Remind the obligation to wear a mask
  • Define work schedules that integrate health measures.
  • Provide for the disinfection of contact surfaces between users and the provision of wipes and hydro-alcoholic solutions, in the case of shared use of equipment and/or tools.
  • Avoid the distribution of promotional documents or objects, favour electronic formats.

For the organisers :

  • Management of traffic flows
  • Counting incoming participants
  • Ensure that the distance measures applicable at the time of the exhibition are observed.
  • Checks on the conformity of the sanitary measures put in place
  • The presence of first-aid workers during the exhibition period
  • The setting up of a room for people presenting symptoms or having been detected by the first-aid workers during their visits.
  • The opening of all sanitary points with regular and reinforced maintenance and cleaning.
  • The installation of hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers at the entrances, exits, in the animation areas and the exhibition.
  • The multiplication of catering points
  • Enlarging the dining and seating areas to comply with the distance guidelines.
  • The obligation to wear a mask
  • The possibility of buying masks for people who do not wear them.
  • The display of the sanitary gestures to be respected in the hall
  • Dematerialise communication media (catalogue, plan and online animation programme on the mobile application of the Beauté Sélection trade show).

All persons with proven symptoms, identified by the first-aid workers or at the entrances will be refused entry and will be taken care of by the dedicated services on site.