BS Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021 / BS Nantes - 6 & 7 Mars 2022

BS Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021 / BS Nantes

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100BON, the perfumes that take care of you.
100BON, the perfumer of well-being, invents fragrances that do you good!

100BON is about fragrances that do good for the mind and body, for nature and society. This new daily perfumery opens the way to real rituals for yourself and your clients. It is available in natural perfumes, organic colognes, home scents or treatment room scents in institutes. It is mainly expressed in the "benefits" particular synergies around an intention "Letting go", "Sweet dreams", "Present moment", etc. There are 7 benefits currently which are compounds of aromachology for the general public, beauticians and spas.

100BON is a committed and original approach that opens the way to a "mental Wellness" for you and for the entire profession. It is a rigorous composition elaborated by Patty Canac, experienced perfumer and therapist, refillable bottles, rituals designed to recharge your batteries, reconnect with yourself and feel good.

But 100BON is also and above all :
100% GOOD: The first perfumery house based on essential oils and natural ingredients. Our products are eco-designed and refillable.
100% GOOD: Clean and natural formulas, manufactured in the tradition of French perfumery, in Grasse, at Robertet.
100% GOOD: A unique combination of natural perfumery, aromachology and ecology. In collaboration with Patty Canac, in-house aromacologist
100% GOOD: We go to the essential. We are looking for a more responsible, more ethical, more local and waste-free consumption.
Come breathe with us 100BON


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