BS Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021 / BS Nantes - 6 & 7 Mars 2022

BS Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021 / BS Nantes

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Happy Time is coming !
Come and meet Baïja Paris, THE brand of natural cosmetics and fragrances, Made in France and join the Happy & Natural wave!
Our olfactory, sensory and colorful universe sparkles like a bubble to offer you a new idea of beauty and care.
We will present our 8 body and home collections as well as our brand new collection "Shots Nature", 100% natural! 6 single-dose powder scrubs and 6 body balms combine to vary pleasure and texture! Whether you want a tropical getaway, a gourmet break or a dose of pep, these products are made for you.
You will have the opportunity to test our twelve 15ml eaux de parfum ready to follow you in all your adventures, perfect to twist your beauty routine!
Baïja Paris is also and above all a turnkey concept, formats & cabin protocols as well as sales products to trigger the purchase and boost your sales!
Don't hesitate any longer and come and talk to the Baïja Team!


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