BS Lyon - 26 & 27 Nov. 2023

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Aesthetic equipment | cosmetic aesthetics | Spa

We are convinced that the future of beauty salons lies in the specialization of skin care.

Bloomea, the French leader in skin expertise, will present its Global Skin Expert concept.

Having received 3 innovation awards in 3 different countries, represented in 30 countries worldwide, our concept is based on a triple approach:

Analyze: with CosmoDiag, a 100% multi-brand skin diagnosis,
Treat: the 3 layers of the skin, with La Fontaine Bloomea and NeoCare.
Maintain: thanks to an adapted cosmetic range.
Our equipment effectively treats anti-aging, acne after-effects, pregnancy masks, stretch marks, the 3 types of cellulite and firmness.

Do you want to specialize in order to increase your sales and distinguish yourself from an increasingly demanding clientele?

It's up to you to come and discover Team Bloomea!

We look forward to seeing you.

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