BS Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021 / BS Nantes - 6 & 7 Mars 2022

BS Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021 / BS Nantes

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Cornéothérapeute® is to mark the difference with other skin professionals.

The methodology of Cornéothérapie® requires a better understanding of the skin than is possible with initial training in aesthetics and beauty.

Cornéothérapeute® focuses on repairing at the source and maintaining the skin's barrier defense systems rather than simply applying active ingredients without understanding the true cause of the alteration.

The goal of the Cornéothérapeute® is to address the cause of skin alterations, not just treat the symptoms.

The result? More effective and more durable and a true understanding of the skin that will make you more than an Esthetician, an Expert.

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