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BS Lyon - 21 & 22 Nov. 2021 / BS Nantes

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Organic & vegetal


Wesak Paris' motto: "Do not separate the soul and the body".

It's time to take care of your body and mind in a new and benevolent way.
Caring for the soul and the body, which are ultimately one and the same, is finally possible, thanks to the original Wesak Paris product line. Combining the beneficial effects of stones and plant essences, the French brand meets the aspirations of many people in search of well-being.

The Wesak Paris Lunar Elixirs come in a choice of five combinations, combining gemstones and subtly scented plant oils, in 50 ml Roll-on. Five infused gemstones and five mixtures of precious plant oils have been brought together in a unique concept, with unprecedented vibratory, moisturizing and energizing properties.
Practical and precious, these treasures of well-being can be taken anywhere. At any time, you can create a relaxing and calm interlude, at the office, at home, on a trip. These products are made in France and are composed of precious cold-pressed vegetable oils that are 100% natural. To be applied on the body and the scalp, followed by light circular motions favoring the penetration of the active ingredients.
The bottles containing the infused essences are refillable, reusable and recyclable. The stones are from fair trade. The oils and essences are ECOCERT certified.

In addition to the Lunar Elixirs packaged in refillable 50 ml Roll-on, Wesak Paris extends its range of products by proposing new oils adapted to spa professionals, always with the same characteristics: 100% natural and vegetal, first cold pressing and French artisanal manufacturing.

In the continuity of this offer, Wesak Paris also proposes a new concept: the oil fountains which allow you to fill your Lunar Elixir endlessly, a precious gesture for the planet. This innovative concept is aimed at spa clients for a unique quality experience.

The concept:
100% natural oil fountains with infused semi-precious stones diffuse oils from the Wesak Paris range.
These infusions of body oils, composed of our 4 fragrances, all different and unique, are obtained, thanks to the know-how of our perfumer, from 100% natural and vegetable essential oils. For facials, Wesak Paris offers a neutral oil, without fragrance, still with the same concept of infused semi-precious stones.
The clients of your spa will be able to choose the fragrance and energy of the stones they wish to be massaged with.
An original concept respectful of nature, where the vibratory energy of the semi-precious stones reinforces the energizing virtues of the oil.

Concept of massage oils in fountain, 100% natural and vegetable, with various flagrances made from essential oils combined with gemstones in infusion.

A range of innovative massage oils 100% natural, combining the beneficial effects of semi-precious stones and plant essences, combining lithotherapy and essential oils.

The vibratory energy of crystals, the virtues of selected essential oils, the richness and fragrance of high quality vegetable oils: the unique combination of lithotherapy (mineral care) and precious vegetable essences is the key to a beauty concept, where respect for oneself, others and nature is paramount.

We are also a beauty service company that can intervene in spas, palaces and all types of events to take care of your guests or your VIPs.

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